In 2008 we decided to build a home in the Arboretum development in Southern Pines. We had spoken to a few builders based on recommendations by our realtor. After our meeting with Dan Degre from Step One design we were confident we had found the right builder for us.

Dan and his wife Lori were open and honest with us from day one. They were transparent in their costs to build our house and were very flexible as we changed the floor plan a few times prior to the start of the construction. They built our dream house exactly on schedule and at the exact cost they had quoted us.

We enjoyed watching the construction of our house especially because we had such confidence knowing if something was not exactly to our liking, Dan would fix it right away. We have since moved out of the area. As proof positive of the wonderful job Dan did on the house design, build quality, and cost, we accepted an offer within a week of putting our house on the market.

We would recommend Step One Design to anyone looking to build no matter the size of the home or the budget.


Scott and Colleen Grace