Fellows home in Pinewild Country ClubThe Fellows home in Pinewild Country Club won The Home of the Year Award in 2005 by the Moore County Home Builders.

Unique architectural elements abound in this home of the year. Whether you're looking at the cupola at the top of the house or the collection of vertical rectangular windows to the left of the entry, this home creates visual interest. The back of the home doesn't disappoint either, featuring a curved exterior window wall, screened porch and a large outdoor area for entertaining.

Builder and designer Daniel Degre said the project posed a few challenges, but he was able to anticipate those and work around them. "Since we design every home we build, we know ahead of time where most of the tricky areas of the construction will occur". This home of the year was one of Degre's favorite projects.

Custom homes of this nature offer a lot of opportunity to show what you've got. The homeowners had very specific ideas, but were always open to a new interpretation of their vision. Situations such as this lead to a very creative atmosphere, which makes for an enjoyable experience.